Many testimonies of thanks and patients are regularly sent to Professor Jacques Theron . The teacher made ​​the smile his patients who after years of pain ( back pain, herniated discs, back pain etc …) finally found a love of life and well being obvious.

My name is Anne Couroyer. After suffering for several years of lumbar pains and sciatica, I was treated by Professor Théron by intra-discal injection and muscular expansion (lumbar liposuction). I have been pain free since I have received these treatments.

― Anne C

Since January 2008, I am followed by Professor Theron and I can note that I am better and better. I am not afraid anymore of the word" Dyslexia”. I smile more easily and I go toward people. I manage to speak as remaining concentrated.I feel more and more open minded.

In March 2009, I have been able to take exams such as the driving license and the French “Bac” with a light stress but it was worthwhile since I succeeded these two exams.

I would like to thank Professor Theron for the support that he provided me and also Mrs. Lucas, my physiotherapist.

It is through her that I have met Professor Theronpour le soutien qu’il m’apporte et aussi remercier Mme Lucas Laurence (ma kinésithérapeute). C’est grâce à elle j’ai pu rencontrer le Professeur Théron.

― Anais

My name is Annie G.

For a year, I have suffered from pains in my right leg and arm and from important limitation of my movements.

I testify that Professor Théron’s treatment by stimulation of the muscles of the spine brought about significant improvements of my state and I am very satisfied.

― Annie G

My name is Valerie C. I have suffered from debilitating (tu peux mettre terrible a la place) back pains for over ten years. Since the very first consultation with Professor Théron, thanks to his harmonization of the muscles of the back technique, my pain was significantly reduced and my overall well being improved

― Valérie C

Our 20 years old daughter has been treated by Professor Théron for several years. She has suffered from muscular hypotonia since birth: When a scoliosis developed she was first treated in a classic way (corset and physiotherapy). In spite of the treatment, her scoliosis got worse. We were then proposed to treat it with surgery.

That’s when we consulted Professor Théron. His treatment (non invasive) improved her situation dramatically without the trauma of an operation. For instance, the treatment improved our daughter’s muscular holding, which was soon followed by an obvious general improvement. We wish to pursue this type of treatment.

Philippe and Catherine V

― phil et cat

In 2003, I had for months a pain in both legs and in low back. You performed on my back “intradiscal lumbar procedure”. You completed this therapeutic by your technique of lumbar muscular expansion by fat liposuccion. I am anxious to express you my very satisfaction of these interventions. Since this date, I have no more pain. I am happy to confirm by this letter the quality and the efficiency of your method

― Claude B